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Christmas preparations

Forgive the pamphlet, but I can’t help it.

I woke up today in a more amused note than usual and, since I opened my eyes in the „light” of the dark outside, I was constantly laughing at all kinds of thoughts running through my head.

We are at the threshold of Christmas, and the spirit of it begins, slowly and slowly, to make its presence felt. This, through all the stress and agitation for the holiday preparations. And by joy, but that’s by definition. Although we have many Christmases on our hands, we are learning something new every year.

So today, the undersigned has come up with a list of so-called „rules” that can help us all get through, maybe, more easily, over stress and get lip-smacking.

1. You cannot avoid the crowd, because it is part of the spirit of Christmas. That is why you will see many people rushed and disoriented through the city and shops. Chances are that we are certainly among them too, so let’s get on with the idea. At the same time, traffic is defining, at any time, at any time and in any area. You can only go through it with a smile and swallow your curses.

2. During this time, the alarm does not wake you anymore, but the vacuum cleaner, which „carols” through the whole house, or the carpets that are banging in front of the block, in the morning. Some blocks even have the sound of the drill. The good part is that your phone does not download so fast.

3. For a few days, you will no longer feel your nose because of all the aromas of coconuts, sausages, cakes, pies, cakes and other dishes. The same applies to taste buds, which may not make the difference between spicy and sour, bitter or sweet, because we just can’t do food without tasting it ourselves.

4. While waiting for Santa, try to remember how good you were or not in the year that just passed. So you go through (mentally) everything that happened in 2019. ….It’s time for a retrospective.

5. There are times when, even though you have established that you were good, you really sit down and try to find  the right decision to give up your conscience and go on the naughty list. Notice to the rugs cleaners or those who punch holes in the walls at 7 am. I am really sorry if you have hiccups in the last few days.

6. During this time, it is not forbidden to fatten the pig in the eve. For example, I said that I would eat as much food before Christmas, so I would not surprise my body and make something wrong happen.

7. There is no notion of „I made too much food”. You’ve never made too many cakes or too many cabbage rolls. In the worst case, call a friend who you know for sure eats at least twenty on the first serving, to make sure you get to zero on December 28th.

8. You can never put too many Christmas decorations. This is directly proportional to the number of festive films you have seen this year. And if you’ve been watching Single Home 1 and 2 (again and again and again), The Grinch or just Universal Diva in the last month, a Winter Wonderland is waiting for you.

9. Time is running differently and you have no way to control it – so it is very important not to look at the clock on New Year’s Eve. If you are like me in terms of pre-Christmas preparations and no matter how organized you are, you will end up with all the chores on the evening of 24, at seven o’clock. It’s inevitable. You always remember an uncleaned corner or an undecorated eggplant salad.

10. Enjoy family, agitation, situations and life. Because, no matter how hard you try to control them, there will always be something to surprise you.

Because this is nice on winter holidays. No matter how much we exaggerate and amuse ourselves with the situations so characteristic of this period, they are all parts of this Christmas magic. It only matters to accept the agitation and stress as they are and to face them with a smile, leaving the desagreeble things aside.

Wishing you cheerful training days !

Mai Multe

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