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Mai Multe

An autumn affair

Envelop your senses with a healthy sweet treat Autumn.  Again.Different from year to year, though.  And this is so good.The landscape is changing, we change...

Florin Olari – the artist who excels in church painting and contemporary art

The trigger for contemporary art came when the child Florin Olari discovered a cupboard full of honeycombs in his grandparents' house. Their shape, texture, smell and colour left an intense impression on him: the fresher a honeycomb is, the lighter its colour and the darker it gets as it ages, ranging from bright yellow to dark shades of brown. The honeycomb thus became, in maturity, his visual signature, the element that runs through all his work.

My name is Hanna and I am a refugee from Ukraine

Our final destination was Cluj-Napoca. We did not have time to buy tickets to Cluj from Bucharest, because the last train left immediately after our arrival, so volunteer Edi asked his friend to buy tickets for us in advance, and when we arrived in Bucharest, tickets were already waiting for us.