English StoriesMiki’s Gym - Health Coach, a new concept in Romania accessible online

Miki’s Gym – Health Coach, a new concept in Romania accessible online

I know Mihaela aka Mișu (for old friends) or Miki (for younger friends… from the last 15-20 years) from high school classes. I don’t have an exact date in mind, but I have a look very clearly imprinted in my memory; a kind of mix between hardness and sensitivity. It remained so all the time, except that to those close to her she gave more, a little more from the sensitive side; as we sometimes all do.

And the years went by. I knew that she could successfully cross any finish line, every time she set a clear goal. She has always been focused on movement, sports and physical evolution. In 2000 Miky graduated from the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports, at UBB, in 2008 she opened her first gym with aerobics classes, in Cluj-Napoca, and then she followed specializations in sports, in Norway and Great Britain.

Now Miky lives in England and I recently found out that she is developing a totally new and very complex concept.

„I am a Capricorn born on January 1, 1978. I have been doing sports since I know myself. At first, I went through a few individual and team sports. I stopped at Karate when I was 13 years old. Practicing this sport / art helped me to become a strong, disciplined and punctual person. In the eight years of Karate, I have reached performance. I won the black belt and numerous awards in the top three at various national and international competitions. From Karate, I switched to modern dance. Thus, I managed to get rid of the fear of being in front of the public. The scene was magical for me all three years. From such a „background” I started to build a career as a personal trainer. In Norway I learned a lot about fitness, personal training and various types of classes. Then, in 2015, since England has been my home, I have developed enormously, learned a lot and improved in the field of fitness, personal development and nutrition. ” (Miki Boca, creator of the Miki’s Gym concept)

The training hours with Miki, whether they take place online or face-to-face, are always an occasion for joy. Maybe it’s from endorphins, maybe it’s from the state of mental relaxation that her good mood causes you.

Individual sports counseling, including during and after pregnancy, guidance in various types of training (cycling, yoga, pilates, aerobics, TaeBo, etc.) and establishing a personalized diet plan, determines the complexity of a unique and complex concept, which Mihaela named: Miki’s Gym – Health Coach:

„Starting with 2017, we have developed a new, complete, exclusively online concept called Miki’s Gym. It is different from what it was at the time in the profile market in that it offers a full and varied range of services, from online Personal Trainer to meal planning, diet, various types of small group classes and, more recently, sportswear.”

For the sake of the Romanians, who remained in her blood, Mihaela thought of adapted packages, which you can find online here.

Mai Multe

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