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How to break into the box office

When „Interview with the Vampire” was a huge hit with the public, I thought I’d explain how easy it is to make a plagiarism trilogy. Start with „Interview with two vampires” and then continue with „Interview with three vampires”. Maybe you surpass the absolute success of Harry Potter or, you know, even the Bible.

According to the model „Stories for sleeping children”, you can make another edition entitled „Stories for waking children” (if you have to wake up by force), or, according to the model of accepted plagiarism, change only a little and create the volume „Stories of sleeping adults „. How easy it is to write books! You don’t have to bother, copy-paste, change something here and there and you’re done. Success is guaranteed. Maybe not exactly success, but you will surely reach your goal. You also released a book, a movie, an article, a documentary, a piece of music, something there, no matter what. The important thing is that you become an author.


On top of that, everything is very simple. For „Interview with Two Vampires” you only need two vampires. If you can’t find them, you invent the vampires and the fiction is ready. Ah, but you still have to interview them. If you don’t know how, google a tutorial on how to take an interview, follow the steps and you’re done. In two steps, plus these two instructions, write a top book in the world, continental, national, regional, county or neighborhood box office. It doesn’t matter what box office, you will break it anyway (because box office means „the total proceeds from the sale of a book, a movie, a piece of music” .etc „). See how easy it is to break this one too. 10 lei to be (because at least your mother or a friend buys your masterpiece) and it’s still a box office success.


Now that I’ve given you ideas on how to become famous, celebrity, successful, known and recognized, get to work.

I’m thinking of making a tutorial like DIY (do it yourself) or for everyone’s understanding, make it safe or do it yourself.

PS I forgot to tell you it’s a pamphlet. If you caught yourself, it’s okay. If not, I’m waiting for your autographed book.


Mai Multe

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