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My first Snowfall

Lucia Aurora Petrescu is a Romanian citizen born in the Philippines. Her father and her relationship with him has given her a strong attachment to Romania. She is 20 years old and has longed to come here, to start a new life, to learn our language and to study. Her mother had a friend in Cluj, so the choice of Cluj was not by chance.

I met her shortly before the last snow of this season and learned, besides part of her story, that she had never seen snow.

„The moment I left Philippines everything seemed to fall into place for me. Like snow dropping onto grass, settling in one after the other. People here have been asking me the same question, “How is Romania?”
and they expect me to answer something negative because everytime I say “good,” they tell me that it’s temporary.

But they don’t know where I’ve been. Every place in the world comes with it’s bad parts. It doesn’t make the great parts any less great.
I didn’t come here to settle in forever.
I came here to know my other half. Maybe then, I will start to feel like I’m whole.
Belonging to a second country, and to have never known it, how could I not wonder? How could I go on with my life, ignoring it?

Before coming to Romania, I had hoped to see snow before spring came, I know I asked for it but I can’t believe it happened.

Just as I can’t believe that I am finally here. I have dreamed of it an infinite number of times. As a child I woke up running to my father and telling him I saw the mountains and valleys of his homeland. I knew I would fit in here better, but so many people discouraged me and made me doubt my own self.

Being here and seeing how I was right about everything, is comforting. I can trust my own feelings and instincts.
I have dreamed of this moment an infinite number of times. I can tell you now that nothing beats reality. And it won’t be what you expected, it will be a hundred times better. I genuinely didn’t think I would make it this far.

Choosing Cluj was also the right decision. It’s a modern city but still has a countryside feeling to it. The people so far have been nothing but kind and helpful. Nearly everyone knows a bit of English so it makes it easier for me to transition and it is diversified. There are all kinds of people from all kinds of places. I’ve also wanted to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle for a while now, and Cluj is going to help me with that.
It isn’t a gloomy or cold environment but rather the opposite. Despite the weather decided to snow this week, I feel the warmth of Cluj. I think this city is exactly what I needed.

I have found that it is important to have faith that the things meant for you will come. Maybe not at the time you want, but they will come.”


Mai Multe

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