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Bridges in Grigorescu district

The Grigorescu district (formerly Donath/Donáth) in Cluj is located in the western part of the city, and since the 1960s, four ten flors blocks have been built on the site of the city gardens and following the demolition of houses in the area from Tăietura Turcului to Florești.

The Someșul Mic river flows through the southern part of the district, and five bridges have been built over the years to facilitate access, with a sixth to be opened shortly.

The bridge in the area of the Hotel Napoca was built in the second half of the 19th century, originally made of wood, but the development of the district has led to its modernization and widening several times. It is now a modern bridge with four traffic lanes and two sidewalks.

The Garibaldi Bridge was built in 1960-1961, has three lanes and two sidewalks. The closure and vertical lock system was designed so that the flow of water could be regulated and water sports could be practiced upstream. Unfortunately, the Someș Mic proved less predictable and the sports project was abandoned.

The footbridge near the „Iuliu Hațieganu” Sports Park is the aerial part of the „Flying Bridge”, originally located at the railway station. Erected in 1902 in the area of today’s Gari Mici, the footbridge was used until 1973, when it was dismantled due to the electrification of the railway lines. The bridge was built over the Someş in 1987 and is still known in everyday language as the „Zodiac Bridge” because of the 12 ornaments representing the symbols of the European zodiac.

The mini-hydropower station in the Grigorescu district was built between 1968 and 1970. In addition to its energy functionality, it is also a pedestrian bridge that provides a link between the south-western part of Grigorescu district and Mănăștur district.

The arch bridge on concrete beams near the „Sun” swimming pool was built between 1976 and 1977 and connects the Grigorescu and Mănăștur neighborhoods. With four traffic lanes and two sidewalks, it is one of the busiest bridges in the city.

Sources info+photos: Dr. Ingeborg-Martha Bogdan

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