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White and black in ideal combinations, but also unhappy

White and black never go out of style, but they get different shades from year to year.
This year, 2020, dirty white, ivory and butter are in the right place. The immaculate white has been out of fashion since the middle of 2019. Also, the black is still in trend, but there are situations when a black outfit is not suitable.

More about the two non-colors that occupy leading positions in the wardrobe, during the last three years, I learned from the costume designer Luciana Matei.

When you are a godfather at a wedding or a baptism, it is not recommended to wear black. It is an event that everyone enjoys, celebrates an important moment for the lives of the children, and black expresses everything but joy. I don’t mean mourning. I just want to say that there are times when you should give joy to colors. (Luciana Matei, costume designer)

Black highlights the personality of the wearer, gives power and confidence, at certain times.

I wear black daily. I am in a state of well-being and comfort. As for the fact that black weakens you, I don’t think it’s generally valid. There are colors that benefit you and others that slightly emphasize the imperfections of the physique. The same can be disadvantaged by a person with open skin, for example. So, we can have favorite colors, but which, used in clothing, would not fit us at all. Going back to white, there is a custom of not wearing white when you are invited to a wedding. It is also good to know that there are people, in whose tradition white is a mourning color, as in India, for example. (Luciana Matei, costume designer)

Black and white, not only in clothing, have always combined very well. Most important is the way we combine them, the cut we choose, the way we combine a white shirt with black pants or a black belt.

It is not a rule to wear black pants with a white shirt or a black shirt with white pants, except when talking about services in a restaurant (waiter, steward or bartender).

Looking in the mirror before leaving the house is necessary even in the case of the combination of white and black. The trousers can be a gray white and a black shirt, but the cut is necessary to fit the two pieces. In the case of a walk, on the seafront, a white trouser with a white shirt can be kept most appropriate. But, if it is a party or dinner at the restaurant, the outfit can be removed from normal, anonymously, regardless of the combination of white / black chosen, with a colored accessory (belt, necklace or shoes). To avoid unfortunate associations it is good not to use too many accessories. (Luciana Matei, costume designer)

Mai Multe

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