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An autumn affair

Envelop your senses with a healthy sweet treat


Autumn.  Again.

Different from year to year, though.  And this is so good.

The landscape is changing, we change and our relationships do.


Every season comes with new perspectives, challenges and  maybe new habits.  When the seasons change one might find the time to reflect at the planted seeds, at the results and also… if the soil was right for what was intended to grow.

Owning a piece of land or not, we are all farmers.

With every choice we make we plant a seed in the Universe’s matrix.

So, season after season, we can choose to cherish the softness and pleasure of a moment by spoiling our senses with some tasty treats that remind us how mesmeric the world is.

The trees are about to show us how lovely it is to let the dead things go. –Unknown

With all the changes that a season might bring, some things tend to remain the same-the flavours that fill in the space of a room on a Saturday morning, the coziness of an old coat, the pumpkin spiced coffee to go, the breath of  the autumnal fresh air that you enjoy taking when you wake up and some comforting food that make you feel at home-serene and safe.

Maybe the happiness stays in the joy of a moment, when you feel much closer to yourself by spending some time alone or finding yourself preparing a dish, sharing experiences, tastes, meals in the company of others.

Being or not your favourite season, autumn is a good time to celebrate life, the endings and the beginnings and the crops that we have from the Earth’s generosity.

Apples, pumpkins, grapes and nuts not only decorate the autumn’s landscape but also find some comfy place in some kitchen’s baskets.

I would rather sit on a pumpkin and have it all to myself, than be crowded on a velvet cushion.-Henry Thoreau

Do you remember that all the good stories begin with once upon a time ?! I bet you do.

So, let this, be a good one…


Once upon a time, somebody who wanted to celebrate the Autumn has decided to make a dessert that warmed hearts and kissed the senses.

So, she took 4 apples, cut them into slices and made them dance in the hands of a boiling coconut oil which was waiting unpatiently in the pan.

It wasn’t yet a love and taste affair but it was on the way to become.

Then, some cinnamon who was throwing an eye, came, curious about how she could flirt with the dancing apples, wanting to be a guest at the party.

Because the Bourbon vanilla beans wanted to accompany the cinnamon, they went together in the pan, as friends.

So, here they were, the apples, the cinnamon, the Bourbon vanilla beans moving slowly on the rhythm given by the heated coconut oil.

Because they were having some more place left in the pan they invited some oats, raisins, dehydrated plums, almonds and some pumpkin and poppy seeds.

There, in the pan, all together, a sense of belonging captured it entirely, because now, so close to each other they could have a shared memory forever and make someone happy, while tasting the sweet treat, they were about to become.

The smell of the mixture was floating and filling all the rooms of the house, pampering in this way the entire space.

Some water was poured, in order to make the apples and the oats become softer.

When the relationship between the ingredients was well established,  a clay pot was prepared, expecting them to consolidate the relationship even more.

So, they went together in the oven, for about 15 more minutes, till a nice brownish crust was covering them.

As in life, so in the kitchen, every relationship can start by choosing carefuly the ingredients, thinking about the use of them and mix the combinations that will create the best taste to be remembered.

So, this sweet healthy treat shows us how we can enjoy the crops of every season, by making a holiday from every day.

Serve it as you wish, by yourself or with the loved ones, hot or cold, simple or accompanied by a vanilla pudding enjoying the pleasure of a moment.

Nothing complicated, all simple, we might find out that here, in the simple movements, actions, gestures, actually lays the foundation of a solid affair.


Till next time, let yourself be inspired by the wonders of the world and make the most of them.

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